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Astha Prakashan was established in the year 1999 and it's first and continuing publication - Swasthya Aru Dirghajeevan is the longest running and highest circulated Assamese Health Magazine and it was first published in August 2000. The team has been relentlessly working to bring the latest in health and medical world to the masses of Assam and Assamese readers across the world.


Swasthya Aru Dirghajeevan is the first Assamese magazine to be made available to online readers across the globe when it's e-edition was launched in 2014.

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With over 20 years of experience in managing Astha Prakashan, she is an avid writer and book enthusiast. She likes to keep updated with the latest news and current affairs and is always on top of all administrative and financial matters related to Astha Prakashan and Sawsthya Aru Dirghajeevan magazine.



A former Government employee and with a career spanning over 42 years, he is an established writer. Having vast knowledge of Coffee and Rubber cultivation by virtue of his employment, reading and writing is his passion. He is a torchbearer in the field of Assamese health literature. He was editor of many Assamese magazines namely - Rahasya, Trishnatur, Gyanoday, Gyankosh and a regular writer of Bishmoy, Gariyakhi, Prantik, Hadin and Edin, before establishing Swasthya Aru Dirghajeevan, the highest circulated Assamese Health Magazine which has entered its 20th year in 2020. 


Exec. Editor (Hony.)

A renowned doctor, Dr. Goswami is currently the head of Medicine at Jorhat Medical College, Assam. He has been an advisor and well wisher to Swasthya Aru Dirghajeevan magazine since its inception. He has contributed immensely to the success of the magazine by offering his valuable advice in terms of technical medical articles and editorials.


Asst. Editor

Ambar is assisting the editor in terms of translation of articles written by the authors and doctors in English to Assamese and further proof reading of such articles. He has a vast experience of working as content developer and editor at one of the most prominent e-portal in Assam prior to joining Astha Prakashan


Circulation Manager

Tapan has been responsible for smooth functioning of the magazine in terms of reaching out to the right audience through a complex network of distributors, agents and retailers. He and his team of assistants takes care of the entire logistics for supply and distribution of the magazine and its timely publication.


DTP & Layout Designer

Mr. Zaman is associated with Astha Prakashan for over 10 years and he has been pivotal in developing the content in the digital format for printing. He is responsible for DTP, layouting and designing of the books and magazines published by Astha Prakashan and making them print ready. He has over 15 years of experience in domain.


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ADVISORY TEAM: Dr. Gokul Bora, Dr. Ratan Kr. Kataki, Dr. Manas Pratim Bora,

                                     Dr. Diganta Chetia, Dr. Binshuprasad Sarma & Advocate Ashim Chamuah

Apart from the above, Astha Prakashan has a vast network of distributors, agents and retailers spread across the Northeast India and major cities of India. It also has a team of printers and binders who take care of the printing and binding of its publications.

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