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It's Time to Communicate, Collaborate and Consolidate

Updated: May 27, 2020

COVID-19 impact on new strategies for business growth

by Sandeep Rajkhowa

Since the beginning of my #career in the early 2000s, I have been listening to the #comparisons between #India and #China; I myself had co-authored two #reports for #GovernmentofIndia on the subject. It has been a tussle between the #policymakers of both the countries on how and on what parameters one betters the other. Unfortunately, India has been behind in the race, but, until now! Now, India has edge past China in one parameter.. a parameter which has now become more of a national concern rather than a reason to rejoice. At 90,000 India has crossed China in the total number of #Covid19 patients! Atleast that’s what the official figures say. And this time, India’s the growth rate seems to be just unstoppable. The Government machinery is running extra hours to manage the situation. But just like the Government, the corporate houses of the country now have a larger responsibility as they slowly open for business. As many offices are preparing to open for business with the end of #Lockdown3point0 today, there are enormous challenges ahead. It’s a delicate balance of safety of one’s life versus the aspirations of an organisation. Business leaders have never been exposed to such a dilemma before. These are challenging times and fairly precarious environment that humanity has ever witnessed. But India has a history of rising from the ashes, be it after a war, plague or ruthless dominance. It is time for the business leaders to #cometogether, #communicate, #coordinate, #cooperate and #consolidate, if required, to grow their businesses and rise as #OneCorporateIndia. It will all depend on how we #strategize the next 6 months to safely sail through the storm and not only save our organisations but also the people who have made our organisations what they are today! And one thing is for sure, while it is time to #isolate to remain safe from the #virus, in #business this is surely not the time to keep running alone!

Let us come together, #collaborate and #HelpEachOther rather than #downsize, #lay-off and #shutdown. #BeSafe #BeBrave and together #WeWillFightItOut

We at AsthaCorp are committed towards these goals. To know more about our organisation visit our website

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