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Astha Prakashan, started in the year 1999, is one of the oldest running publishing houses of the region. With over 240 editions, it is the publisher of the most popular Health Magazine of the region.

The publishing house was first established to publish vernacular language books and magazines and have subsequently successfully published many important books contributing to the Assamese literary scene over the last 21 years, including a few major books written by Late Gunaram Khanikar.


In a relentless journey over the last 20 years, Swasthya Aru Dirghajeevan, the pioneer and the highest circulated Assamese Health Magazine has grown strength to strength with the support of its avid readers and contributing writers. During this period, the readers of the magazine have grown not only in volume but also in geographical expanse - far and wide from the nook and corner of Assam to Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Siliguri, Bengaluru, Nagpur, Chandigarh and Ahmedabad. Not only its readers grew in India, but an overwhelming demand for the magazine has been received from the people across the seven seas. From Adelaide in Australia to Toronto in Canada, from London in UK to New York in the USA, from Dubai in the UAE to Singapore, Swasthya Aru Dirghajeevan has been the source of knowledge and tips on matters relating to health and healthy living in Assamese language for over two decades now.

It was also the first Assamese magazine to have launched its internet version through it's portal in 2014.

Apart from publishing literary books, it is also engaged with translation of text books from English to Assamese and publishing textbooks for students.

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