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Travel & Destination Management

Travel and tourism is one of the newest arms of the multifaceted AsthaCorp operating under the brand name Travelvista India.

We are committed to investing considerable amount of time and funds to the exponentially growing tourism sector with the aim of showcasing the beautiful Northeast to the rest of India and to the world for that matter. Our brand of travel and tourism can be defined as ‘bespoke luxury travel’ catering to the high-end travellers accustomed to a life of luxury. We take pride in the fact that we provide 100% tailor-made travel packages as we recognize the fact that tastes and preferences differ from person to person. Our packages are custom-made for each and every client after having an in-depth one-on-one session with them to understand their tastes, preferences and requirements. Thus far, we have successfully catered to over 150 clients/groups. Our list of clienteles mostly comprises of top brass corporates and businessmen. We accommodate our clients only in the best of hotels, which is facilitated by our collaborations with the top hotels and resorts in the Northeast. Travelvista India recruits from among the best in the industry and are staffed with qualified guides, drivers and consultants who ensure that our clients have a smooth and unparalleled travelling experience. Although primarily a Northeast-India focussed destination management company, we have recently ventured into outbound tours and are proud to be providing packages for Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Thailand, apart from other states in India.

To know more, visit Travelvista India website

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